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Why This Nightmare Is Happening
Honorary Master
2005/12/8 20:13
From Beaumont, Texas
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Posts: 1072
I believe that all the members have a right to know about this and why it is happening.

The agreement with Todd was that he leave TempleOfTheJediOrder.org in peace exactly as it was with all the Google references intact. You don’t need a law degree to see the value of this.

I agreed that if he did that then he could copy the entire site with all its history over to a new URL and I would post a prominent notice on my site that there is a new congregation of Jedi at the new URL with the explanation that we had grown so large that it was necessary to split so as to be able to properly care for the new members. I agreed to keep this notice up for a year.

At that time there were over 51,300 references in Google to TempleOfTheJediOrder.org.

Todd did not keep this agreement.

Todd intentionally forced a re-index of Google and since he broke his part of the bargain the deal is void.

All posts made before the move to the new URL are the property and history of the Temple Of The Jedi Order.

Had Todd kept his agreement both sites would have had equal ranking on Google and no harm done.

Todd has injured all people looking for a real Jedi organization because now when people search they don’t get either site. He hurt this site as much as he did mine. Far worse are all the folks out there that will not find either one of us now due to his criminal and malicious act.

It will take quiet some time to repair this damage.

This is happening one way or the other.

Choice 1:

Delete all posts made before the move to the new URL and all other news etc made before the move.

Choice 2:

I’ll file suit in federal court against Todd, this unincorporated association, every single one of you I can think of that are managing this site and Google. I’ll get an injunction and order to remove the data from this site and sue for punitive damages on the grounds of retaliation. This is not just a civil matter but a federal crime. I’ve already hired a certified expert witness.

I am not going to allow this organization or anyone else to racketeer from the history of Temple Of The Jedi Order which is exactly what is happening now. You voluntarily left Temple Of The Jedi Order and that’s fine but you don’t get to take the building, furniture and the library with you.

You can start from scratch, zero, the same way I must do now and you may thank your precious Todd Even Fogal for that. You might as well fix things now instead of later because Google will be ordered to remove all references to any historical material on your site belonging to Temple Of The Jedi Order.

This is also the reason I’m not allowing the use of my trademark which I was going to place in the public domain for the use of all real Jedi. Thanks again Todd.


John Henry Phelan

Posted on: 2007/3/15 2:51
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