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The Secret Diary Of A SecretSquirrel

Well, I guess its time to ket the squirrel out of the bag and reveal myself to the world...

Well, the names Squirrel, Secret Squirrel... & Im'n nut... OK, My names Richard (Rich Please) and I'm nuts.

I am 33 years young, currently single, unemployed (due to health reasons which I amy or may not go into, but not today, its long, boring and complicated and personal to me, yes I am slightly embarrassed by it). I live in Devon, England and have done all my life.

I have a few hobbies to kill time, I quite like building/repairing pc's, all the pc's in our house I built (except for laptops, but the next laptop I will build) I would say without meaning to brag that I am more than compentant at it, only one major housefire so I must be doing something right (joke).

I also (on & off) play table wargames, GamesWorkshop Warhammer 40'000, so I build & paint the figure, here are a couple of slide show I did for my nephews of a recent tournament army I built & painted

Slide Show 1

Slide Show 2

I have several armies for this, a bit childish in some peoples views, but look at it as a game of chess with 50+ pieces per side and then you begin to appreciate the skill needed to play it.

I also shoot compound bow target archery (again on & off, hoping to restart very soon) so here is a shot of my bow fully built and then of me shooting (ignore the clothing... not wearing good stuff in a muddy field though) and finally a 6 gold end at 80yards, which isnt bad for someone classed as blind




I also keep tropical fish and am quite fond of them, its hard work running the tanks, but the rewards far outweigh the work, so here are a few pics and links to videos, altho they are a little out of date now as the tank is ever evolving, and I also fishless cycled the tanks, therefore no fish suffered in order to establish the necessary bacteria to run the system (patience & science)

  Video Part 1 Video Part Two Video Part Three

  Sailfin Plec LDA 33 Snowball Plec

Before the health issues were kindly given too me, I was in my final year of an Environmental Science & Geology Degree, it was a bachelors degree, but because I had to leave in the final year, I only got the straight degree, before that I studied micro-electronic engineering, business studies and general science, during this time I worked in a wildlife trust that breeds endangered species and it was work I thoroughly enjoyed, very rewarding and I hope to be able to do something like it again, so as you can see I have always been into sciences, but my biggest love for the word go has always been wildlife & nature, I was always off looking for adders (small pit vipers) and grass snakes, or fishing.

I also used to be into mountain biking, and body boarding... i think body boarding was the one thing that really made me feel at one with nature and appreciate the raw power it has, I cannot describe the feeling of being laid prown in the sea to have a huge wave rear up over you and you paddle like mad to either catch it or get a 'slap' (dunked and pinned to the sea bed by the wave) and when you get it right and ride that wave, to be inside it, and hear and feel that raw energy, almost like being in the company of an huge angry beast... its amazing, if you have never surfed/body boarded... and get the chance... you have to do it, the cold n wet are worth it I promise.

I also dabbled in martial arts, Aikido, Iaido, Juijuitsu, Kendo, Judo so now you know where my love of all things sharp n pointy comes from. So thats about it really, my life is now sort of on hold (and has been for 12years) and just as I take a step forward, I wind up taking two or three back... I don't want to necessarily go into the health but will (a bit) if pushed, but it is a big part of me, it has made me the man I am today, If there is one positive thing, it taught me the real value of life and turned a 22year old child into a man, I did lose many 'friends' at this time, I think essentially I grew up over night and they didn't/couldn't/wouldn't (being resuscitated several times and nearly going completely blind does this). I know everyone has major life events, but this made me who/what I am today.

So here I am...

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 Re: The Secret Diary Of A SecretSquirrel
I dont like their brand of cookies so I think I'll stay where I am for now - but thanks for the suggestion Aron
Published: 2009/5/4 8:56  Updated: 2009/5/4 8:56
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 Re: The Secret Diary Of A SecretSquirrel
Join the dark side young one