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Visit   Earth Clinic - Folk Remedies and Holistic Cures Recommend site    Last Update 2007/5/29 3:15
Category  Natural/Holistic Healing
Earth Clinic is about you. Without the enormous amount of feedback and support from our readers, this site wouldn't amount to much! Together we have helped to cure a large number of people with home remedies and natural cures. Thank you!

Though currently based in Atlanta, Earth Clinic began as a wee little healing site in Los Angeles, California in 1999. It was quite a different website back then and focused primarily on various alternative healing modalities that we hoped would inspire people. The first home remedy that we added to the site was -- you guessed it -- apple cider vinegar! We had so much good luck using it for allergies and sinus infections, we thought everyone ought to know. Turns out that people were far more interested in the few home remedies posted on our site than in the alternative healing modalities we specialize in. We went with the flow of interest and turned our attention to building a database of cheap folk remedies. Eight years later, our database is both extensive and exciting. Oh yeah, and totally free. You won't be dishing out any $ for cures on this web site!

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